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Can't wait for the full version :D

Played the demo! Story is interesting, hope to see where the story goes. Also the mouse sound was too loud for me hope it will be cuter in the full version, and more cats!

I can't wait for full version, I hope I would be able to play it on web.

I liked the demo! I hope that more cats will be added :)



Stella has many questions...

I do too!!! I look forward to its completion!! I hope there'll be more music or sound effects as well. I can only hear the door opening/closing and the transitions in between places.

Aside from the above, your game has lovely art and an interesting storyline. Maybe Stella came from the stars? XDD

~A fan~


I’ll definitely add more music and sounds to the full game! Thank you for your interest, really appreciate it. <3


My pleasure!! <3